The Magic Brush colors inside the lines. Careful! Some lines have very small breaks that make the Magic Brush color outside the lines.

The Paint Brush colors everywhere, even outside the lines.

The Paint Bucket fills in an entire area with one click.

The Add Text button lets you add words to your picture.

The Wash tool works like an eraser; it washes away color.

The Brush Size slider lets you choose how big the point of your pen is.

The Color Pallette lets you choose any color you want. Use the ? to make each new stroke a randomly selected color. Use the Color Selector box in the far lower right corner to choose custom colors.

The Zoom slider lets you zoom in closer for that hard-to-reach area, and zoom out to see more of your picture.

The Sounds slider lets you control the volume.

The Undo button takes away the last thing you did. You can use it several times in a row.

The Redo button is the opposite of Undo; it lets you re-do something you un-did.

The Save Picture button saves your picture as a JPEG file.

The Print Picture button send your picture to a printer.