Flash and Java at Catholic, Etc.

Catholic, Etc. utilizes Adobe Flash and Sun Microsystems Java technologies to provide rich, interactive activities and content. Unfortunately, some browsers and devices do not support these technologies, or may have them disabled.

Due to the highly interactive and unique nature of our content, it is very difficult to transport these resources to different platforms.

Apple iOS users: The built-in Safari web browsing app does not currently support Flash or Java technologies. Apple has announced no plans to add support in the future. Below is a list of browsers available for the iPhone and iPad that DO support Flash and Java content. Catholic, Etc. makes no endorsements or claims whatsoever (and accepts no responsibility) regarding the use or purchase of the apps; we simply are aware of them, and are passing the information on to you.

These browsers are available from the iPhone App store:

  • Cloudbrowse
  • Photon browser
  • 360 browser
  • Puffin web browser